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$ 100 Cash Jackpot

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What is fun in


1. You can invite friends to tap the shared link by sharing live broadcast , capture or this page to your social media accounts.

2. After tapping on the shared link, the invitee will see an giftcard on the shared page. Then they can connect their social accounts to and download the app.

3. Invitees need to be newly registered users in 3 days. Each device can win the reward only once.

4. Each inviter can only be rewarded for successfully inviting 10 people each day.

5. reserves the ultimate rights to interpret the rules.


Bruno Mars

sent you a gift card

I’m on,here are 25 coins for you. Come and join us!


This voucher gives you a chance to win up to $100 Gift. Get to draw prize and enjoy broadcasting with friends!

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  • By using the voucher in, you have chance to win gift worth $100 or $10; 50 or 25 in-app Coins

  • By signing in, you will have only 1 opportunity to draw gift

  • reserves the rights of the final explanation of this event