About LiveMe:

LiveMe is a live mobile broadcasting application aimed at giving creators a platform to reach a wide audience and share their talents and passions directly with their fans.

LiveMe is explicitly intended to be used by individuals 18 years of age or older. To report a user under the age of 18, please email support@liveme.com with the subject line, “Underage User.”

LiveMe also recommends parents and guardians talk to their teenagers about general internet safety when using any type of social networking service. You can use these internet safety tips to start the conversation.

Reporting inappropriate content:

If you come across inappropriate or offensive content that violates LiveMe’s Community Guidelines, please send a screenshot of such content to live.me@cmcm.com with the subject line, “Inappropriate Content.”

You can also directly report inappropriate, offensive, and harmful content from inside the app using the Report function. Reporting content with this mechanism will flag it for our human moderators.

What LiveMe is doing to protect its community:

LiveMe employs a team of human moderators around the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The team of moderators works both proactively and reactively responding to users’ reports. Users found to be in violation of the app’s Community Guidelines are subject to immediate suspension or ban from the app. To further ensure LiveMe is a safe community for all of our users, we also actively work in conjunction with law enforcement and other municipalities to assist in criminal and safety related investigations to the fullest extent of the law, without violating user privacy.

Beyond human moderation, LiveMe has industry-leading artificial intelligence to continually identify content which violates the Community Guidelines. Furthermore, LiveMe actively works with others in the live video industry to further develop and adhere to best industry practices so that we can further prevent safety issues from occurring on the platform.

LiveMe is committed to user safety, and continues to develop more proactive user tools and resources to facilitate the combat of problems as they arise. One example of such commitment is through our new “Admin” feature, which enables broadcasters to allow other trusted users to be administrators for their broadcasts to block commenters on their behalf in real time. Admins can be easily added or removed by a broadcaster at any time, and we strongly recommend that those users who are added as Admins are people with whom the broadcaster is familiar and trusts.

Have a suggestion for something else we can do to improve safety? Please let us know. Email live.me@cmcm.com with the subject, “Safety Suggestion.”

Have a suggestion for something else we can do? Please let us know. Email live.me@cmcm.com with the subject, “Safety Suggestion.”

Additional resources:

In a moment of crisis? Want to text with a trained Crisis Counselor confidentially and for free? Text SHINE to 741741

LiveMe has an active partnership with Crisis Text Line to connect its users with a nation-wide, US resource for all types of crisis. This resource also appears inside the app when at-risk users are identified.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255
The Trevor Project
National Bullying Prevention Center
Online Safety Resources for Teens