RULES will encourage people to cut through the online negativity with an activation where broadcasters
and users will literally #SquashtheHate.
Participants will sketch the hate on a squash, smash it as a symbol of overcoming the haters, share the Short to social and nominate 3 friends to participate using the hashtag #SquashtheHate.

Contest Time Period

12:00 AM, 8.16.2017 to 11:59 PM, 8.27.2017

How to Join

· It’s easy: Follow the instructions of how to make a #SquashtheHate Short, post it and share the Short to social

How to Win

· The leaderboard will count how many shares from to social the participants’ #SquashtheHate Short(s) have received

· The top 3 broadcasters in the leaderboard at the end of the Contest Period will be the event winners!

· Note: All Shares from users will be counted in the leaderboard!

Prizes for Top 3 Broadcasters:

· Placed in the Who To Follow List for 48 hours and gain 20K New Followers

· Featured on the #SquashTheHate Billboard in Los Angeles

· VIP Party Access to’s Broadcasting Space In Los Angeles

· #SquashTheHate Swag Pack’s Charitable Donation:

· For each share a Short tagged #SquashtheHate gets, will donate $1 to Charity supporting anti-hate groups (a cap of $10K in total)

· Share the Shorts on this page to your social networks and help Squash The Hate!

Important Notes

· Users can film and upload as many #SquashtheHate Shorts as they can

· Please don’t delete your Shorts tagged #SquashTheHate during the event time, otherwise the shares you get from the Short will be deleted from the leaderboard

· If any Shorts violate’s Community Rules, the Shorts and the shares they receive will be deleted from the leaderboard and will not count

· reserves the right of final interpretation of the rules and rewards in this game

· For any questions or problems, please contact

Official Rules>>