Safety Advocate Onboarding Information

Dear LiveMe Safety Advocate Applicant,

Welcome to the LiveMe Safety Advocate Program! Your participation means the most to us, and we are looking forward to working together to improve the quality of our broadcasting community for all.

Your privileges as a Safety Advocate will allow any reports you make to be given priority for our moderators, ensuring action will be taken as soon as possible.

Below you will find a few guidelines to help get you started, so you know what to look for and how to respond.

1. Harassment/Bullying

The most common concern in the community pertains to harassment and bullying. Below are some pointers on what to look for:

  • Any language or symbolism directed at another person that may insinuate harm or ill will.
  • Any physical and/or emotional threats, shaming, taunting, harassment, encouraging fans or viewers to harass, spam, or raid other broadcasters.
  • Use of derogatory language towards any particular race, gender, sexual orientation from a broadcaster or viewer

2. Violence

Our team actively monitors for violence, threats, and harmful objects. Here is a guideline for what that may look like:

  • Violence
    • Clear acts of violence within a stream, or discussion of violent intentions
    • Cruelty towards any living creature within a stream, or discussion of violent intentions towards any living creature either in stream or in comments
  • Weapons
    • If there are any firearms, knives, explosive devices, or other weapons visible on screen, you must report them immediately
    • If a broadcaster or user is discussing their intent to use a weapon to create potential harm, you must report them immediately

3. Self Harm/Suicide

Self harm and Suicide are serious issues, and ones that need to be addressed as soon as they are identified. Often times a broadcaster may show signs of potential self harm long before they act on it. Knowing what to look for can be a tremendous help. If you see any of the following, please report the broadcast immediately.

  • Broadcaster is in the act of harming themselves
    • If a broadcaster is visibly injured on screen, report them immediately
    • If there is a weapon, rope, pill bottle, alcohol in the broadcast and broadcaster is describing harming themselves, report immediately
  • If broadcaster shows signs of sleep deprivation, or is describing how they have not slept, and discussing potentially harming themselves, report immediately
  • If broadcaster says they plan to harm themselves, report immediately

For the safety of the broadcaster, our moderators are trained to not immediately shut down a broadcast if self-harm is of concern, but that does not mean we are not actively monitoring the situation.

4. Sexually Explicit Content & Solicitation

Nudity and sexual content are strictly prohibited on LiveMe. If you identify nudity or sexually explicit content, please report immediately.

  • Nudity
    • Any display of nudity should be reported immediately.
    • Any clothing that is see through and reveals nudity should be considered inappropriate and be reported immediately
  • Sexual Content
    • Any sex act that is being performed during the broadcast
    • Any act of stripping
    • Any act of suggestive dancing where the broadcaster’s attire clearly violates our terms of use
  • Solicitation
    • Broadcasts or comments requesting or offering sexual favors, nudity, or pornography, either inside or outside of the app should be considered inappropriate and reported immediately.
    • Requesting or offering personal information in exchange for virtual gifts, in app favors, or offline favors should be flagged and reported immediately
    • Viewers making sexually suggestive comments to broadcasters under the age of 18 should be flagged and reported immediately

ADVOCATE’S GOLDEN RULE: “When in doubt, call it out.”

If you are uncertain if something is a violation, it’s best to report it and our moderation team will determine if it is in fact a violation. We gladly err on the side of safety.

SAFETY ADVOCATE RESPONSIBLE USE: Being a Safety Advocate is a privilege, and that privilege will be revoked if we find you violating community guidelines, or maliciously reporting individuals. With great power comes great responsibility. We trust that you will act with integrity and purpose.

COMMUNITY FORUM: We will be launching a community forum soon for all Safety Advocates to be able to communicate directly with LiveMe moderators and share information and discussion topics on a regular basis. Please stay tuned.

Again, thank you for joining us in this initiative to improve our community.

-The LiveMe Team